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Wenzhou LangChi was founded in 2003

is a professional design, development and manufacturing company. Our core business includes the manufacturing and sales of color tin canning and packaging for various industries such as: electric razors, glasses, lighters, electronics, automotive accessories, gifts, clothing, food, tea, wine and medicine etc.

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The effect of tin in the tin box on the human body and the environment

Tin in the environment Tin oxide is insoluble and the ore strongly resists weathering, so the amount of tin in soils and natural waters is low. The con…

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Unused tin cans can be used to do some finished products manually

I’m a hoarder of tin cans. I guess building a new desk was just the motivation I needed.The first thing you will want to do is gather up some tin cans…

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How did the tin can evolve?

To make the body, a piece of tinplate was bent into shape on a roller and the overlapping edges were soldered together. Two round disks were cut for th…

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2017 India Chinese home gift Exhibition

LAGNHI INDUSTRIAL has attended 2017 India Chinese home gift Exhibition We have found many Customers were interested in our Tin Box 、Aluminum Can 、…

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High recycling of aluminum cans

No matter how many times the aluminum is used - the smelting process, the quality remains the same. Even the scrap aluminum, a by-product from the alum…

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Recycling aluminum can purification environment

In the United States, annual sales of aluminum cans exceed 100 billion, but the recycling rate is less than 50%. In other countries, a similar number o…

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Recycling aluminum can save energy

Aluminum metal is sustainable, which means it can be recycled countless times without material damage. There may be no more cheaper, more energy-effici…

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Tin can value

The CCTV Jianbao column recently identified several pieces of tinware in the folk collection, which made ordinary people begin to understand the collec…

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Use aluminum can sealing tool

When processing the sealing curved surface formed by the aluminum can, it is viewed from the central axis direction of the sealing curved surface, and …

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